Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Revoltin' Development in Cody, Wyo.

I went downtown the other day
To see what I could see
A smart young whipper-snapper there
Tried to mug me

I slapped his face right then and there
I should have turned and ran
He ups to me, I ups to him
And then the fight began

He doubled up his big right fist
And I hit it with my nose
It surely did surprise him
Here’s how the story goes

Then I jabbed his left finger
With my good left eye
It really hurt him so darn bad
That he began to cry

So then I threw him on the ground
I surprised him with that stunt
I think he must have weighted a ton
It really made me grunt

So then I stuffed my big left ear
In his mouth as we fell
I think it must have hurt him bad
Because it really made him yell

About that time a Cop came by
And helped him to his feet
Then I got up, I sure was mad,
And kicked him in the seat

So after I went home I thought
No more of him I’d see
I’ll bet now he won’t be so ornery
Since I learned him a thing or three!


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