Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some More Nonsense from One of the Over-the-Hill Bunch

I eat with Rolling Meals each day
And they are really good
I wouldn't change but one small thing
Even if I could

It's that those little round green peas
Are messing up my life
The dad-burn little rascals
Keep rolling off my knife

I've tried to use my fork instead
By holding it just so
But if it wobbles just a bit
Off the rascals go

I've mixed them up with honey
But that may make me fat
I could use mashed potatoes, but
Some days we don't have that

I'm really getting all shook up
Now I am asking, please
Will someone put their brains to work
And come up with square peas?!

D.B. Cox

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oh, My Aching Back

Back bones are several little bones
Each one above another
Our heads sit on one end of them
And we sit on the other

Backs are a useful part of us
We use them every day
And if we sprain them now and then
They hurt for many a day

If Arthur Ritis gets to them
That sure keeps us awake
And when the weather's cold and damp
That really makes them ache

Everybody has a back
They're one a nature's features
If we didn't all have one
We'd be strange-looking creatures.

D.B. Cox