Saturday, December 21, 2013

All About Stomachs and Feet

When I was young, just twenty-four
I well remember from that year
When I would lay flat on my back
My stomach seemed to disappear

But now that I'm fat and growing old
There is one thing that seems quite queer
When I lay flat on my back
It's my two feet that disappear

I've wondered why this came about
The only answer I've been told
Is that my feet have gotten shorter
Since I started growing old

They say, "D.B., cut down on eating"
And I am going to try it
I'd like to see my feet again
So I'll go on a diet.

D.B. Cox

Friday, December 13, 2013

I Need A Lot More Sheep

I went to bed the other night
And could not go to sleep
I tossed and turned and kicked and squirmed
And counted lots of sheep

That didn’t help a dad-burn bit
Toward putting me to sleep
But I kept right on counting
Till I ran out sheep

So then I came up with a plan
I thought was really neat
I’d count those lovely widows
That gather where we eat

Then I turned over in my bed
I started counting and couldn’t stop
I got so darned excited
I almost blew my top

I saw that wasn’t going to help
For getting me to sleep
In fact it kept me more awake
Than counting those old sheep

I don’t know just what I’ll do next
Unless I get a lot more sheep
I’d gladly trade the whole darn herd
For one real good night’s sleep.

D.B. Cox