Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh No, Not Another Brain Storm: Hooray, I'm going to be rich! (I hope...)

I received glad tidings some time ago
It filled my heart with glee,
It seems they have Ten Million Bucks
They want to send to me

I few days later I received another
That really made me roar
They’d like to send Ten Million too
Or maybe even more

And then another Sweepstakes came
With Seven Million Bucks to spare
If I send in my lucky number
They’ll send me back my share

The next one was Five Million Bucks
If I can only make it
Although it’s less than the others are
I’ll force myself to take it

And then there’s one cheapskate sweepstakes
One Million is their range
But I’ll take it just because
I’ll need some pocket change

I’ll be real careful with all that money
I’ll handle it with care
T’will take a while to get me used
To being a Millionaire

I check my mail most every day
My nerves are getting tense
I’ve only won one sweepstakes yet
The amount was nineteen cents

I’m keeping my toes and fingers crossed
I haven’t won a big prize yet
But when I receive those Millions and Millions
I’ll pay off the National Debt.