Friday, January 20, 2012

This Was Another Revoltin' Development

I started out on this fine day
To go to the Super Mart
I think I would have stayed at home
If I had been half smart

I drove into this darn chuckhole
And now I can’t get out
So all that I can do right now
Is wave and cuss and shout

I can’t get out so I’ll sit here
And cry and trust to luck
That some old boy will soon show up
With a real darn good winch truck

And hook onto my little care
So we can soon begin
To try to get out of this
Chuckhole that I am in

When I get out of this big mess
I’ll finish up this ditty
Then from now on I shall just walk
Around in Chuckhole City


Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bull Tail

The future for bulls looks real bad
That’s the reason old Toro feels sad

Artificial insemination
Is a horrible creation

It now becomes to me quite clear
I may as well be an old steer