Friday, November 29, 2013

Bundled Up to Go Out to Dine?

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone
And winter’s on the way
The weather isn’t warm no more
It’s getting colder every day

I think it comes from Canada
It’s sure a nasty breeze
When I go out to eat a meal
It whistles through my B.V.D.s

So I’ll stay home most of the time
To say warm is the thing
I’ll just stay in out of the cold
Till it warms up next spring

If you are suffering from the heat
To Cody you should come
If you go out in your bikini
I’m sure you’ll cool off some.

D.B. Cox

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Thanksgiving Thank You

The folks down at the Senior Center
Fixed us a Thanksgiving dinner
With turkey, dressing, salads and desserts
It certainly was a winner

We really do appreciate it
We thank them one and all
It was the very nicest thing
We’ve had happen this fall

November is a windy month
Some days were cloudy and some were clear
We’re entering now into December
Christmas day will soon be here

We’ll have to watch our P’s and Q’s
And be as good as we can be
So Santa Claus will not forget us
And leave us something by the tree

We hope your fondest dreams come true
And next year we’ll still all be here
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a real Happy New Year

D.B. Cox

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Old Boy's Getting Goofier Every Day

With those old widows
I no longer mingle
But I’m having some trouble
Trying to stay single

The men all call me
A fat old tub
But I fight those widows
Off with a club

I don’t know what they see in me
I’m really not a great big brute
The only reason I can see
Is just that I’m so dog-gone cute

Of course if one of those neat chicks
With lots and lots of dough
Should say, “Come see the world with me!”
I might just up and go

D.B. Cox

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another Brain Storm

Last spring I fertilized my lawn
That made it grow from dawn to dawn

A little water helped it grow
So twice a week I had to mow

And when it rained, that helped it too
The darn grass grew and grew and grew

I tried to stunt it some last fall
So it would stay just one inch tall

A few more weeks I had to mow
And now I have to shovel snow

I hate to work, I’d rather sit
It makes me tired to think of it

When I pass on and go below
No more lawns will I have to mow

And it’s so hot down there I know
I won’t even have to shovel snow!

D.B. Cox