Friday, December 13, 2013

I Need A Lot More Sheep

I went to bed the other night
And could not go to sleep
I tossed and turned and kicked and squirmed
And counted lots of sheep

That didn’t help a dad-burn bit
Toward putting me to sleep
But I kept right on counting
Till I ran out sheep

So then I came up with a plan
I thought was really neat
I’d count those lovely widows
That gather where we eat

Then I turned over in my bed
I started counting and couldn’t stop
I got so darned excited
I almost blew my top

I saw that wasn’t going to help
For getting me to sleep
In fact it kept me more awake
Than counting those old sheep

I don’t know just what I’ll do next
Unless I get a lot more sheep
I’d gladly trade the whole darn herd
For one real good night’s sleep.

D.B. Cox

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