Thursday, April 28, 2011

I failed at Golfing - Now I'm back to Bowling

I’m taking up the game of golf
I’ve only just begun
To chase that white round ball around
They say is lots of fun

I had to have a caddy
So I got me one named Meghan
I only had one other choice
His name was Ronnie Reagan

I sat the ball up on the tee
And took a swing at it
The ball just sat there on the tee
Air was the only thing I hit

I took another swing at it
I swung that club real hard
I stirred up such a dog-gone breeze
It rolled the ball about a yard

I took another swing at it
And gave it quite a tap
Then it flew up and went right straight
Into a darn sand trap

So then I used my twelve iron
Like all good golfers do
I swung at it with all my might
The sand and ball sure flew

So then I lined it up real good
I thought I had it beat
I tapped it gently with my putter
It came up short about two feet

I finally came up with a scheme
I think it’s something new
To get that darn ball in the hole
I had to use my shoe

I swung those clubs till I was pooped
And I must tell you folks
I almost made a hole-in-one
Just missed it by five strokes

I think from now on I’ll just bowl
Here’s why it’s best of all
You play inside and you don’t even
Have to hunt the ball


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