Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Jackalope Tail From Cody Wyoming

I went out back to look around
And met this Jackalope pawing the ground
I was checking to see what I could see
When that mad brute took after me

He was real mad and getting madder
So I climbed up on my step ladder
I climbed as high as I could go
And he glared at me from down below

It sure was cold out there that day
And I said “Jackalope go away”
It felt like it was near zero
I thought that he would never go

He finally took off in a huff
And I said “Feet now do your stuff”
I climbed back down and ran inside
And stared to warm up my old hide

Cold made it hard to get about
It took two hours to thaw me out
When I go out again I hope
I won’t meet that mad Jackalope


I went back out to feed the birds
And like some half baked dope
I didn’t think to look around
For that mad Jackalope

I didn’t see him anywhere
But gosh there was another
He wasn’t quite so big and fat
I think it’s his kid brother

He spotted me and here he came
With one blood curdling roar
I ran as fast as I could go
And beat him to the door

I’ll buy some bombs from Uncle Sam
If he has some to sell
I’ll drop them on those Jackalopes
And blow them all to **** ...pieces


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