Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It Was Another Exasperatin' Night

I went to bed the other night
And could not go to sleep
I tossed and turned for quite a while
And counted lots of sheep

That didn’t help a dad-burn bit
So I hopped out of bed
I don’t have any sleeping pills
I took Bufferin instead

Then I came up with a scheme
I thought could not be beat
I’d count a bunch of those nice widows
That gather where we eat

So I crawled back into my bed
I counted some and couldn’t stop
I got so darned excited
I almost blew my top

I saw that wasn’t going to help
For getting me to sleep
In face it kept me more awake
Than counting those old sheep

From now on I’ll count something
That don’t get me excited
If I can help me get some sleep
I’ll really be delighted.


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