Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September the 7th 1981 was such an Exasperatin' day

I realized right after dawn
This was the day to mow my lawn
And as it was no longer dark
I was happy as a lark

I started my mower up in high
And really made the old grass fly
Then I stopped to empty the sack
And things went wrong when I got back

I pulled the rope, alas, alack
I them wound up flat on my back
No wonder it didn't want to start
The starting assembly had few apart

I says go get your gun and shoot
A few holes in the dad burn brute
Then I says cut out that talk
If you do that you'll have to walk

So I says to me, cut out that jive
And push it around on the front drive
So I then knelt down to get a start
And decided to finish taking it apart

There was lots of bolts and nuts and keys
It sure was hard on my old knees
I found the trouble, fixed it and then
I finally got it together again

I got everything put back in line
I started it up and it ran just fine
I'm all set now to let the grass grow
If it does that next time I mow

I have a scheme that can't be beat
I'll cover the lawn with green concrete
Then I'll be happy with nary a care
And just relax in my easy chair

I'll type this up for you lads and lasses
If I can only find my glasses


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