Thursday, October 24, 2013

Phoey on House Cleaning

(This one's for Meghan.)

Spring arrived some time ago
And I’m really sad
It’s spring house cleaning time again
And that sure makes me mad

Dusting is a nasty job
But doing it is a must
It’s got to be done good to make
Room for more “canyon” dust

And then I get the vacuum
And walk a mile or two
Back and forth and forth and back
I’m glad when I get through

Doing all those household chores
Is really hard on me
I wind up with two dish pan hands
And also house maid’s knee

By the time I’m through with it
My two poor feet don’t track
I relax in my chair and say
“Oh my aching back”

When I am dead and in my grave
No more house work will I crave
And on my tombstone painted yellow
That house work killed this poor old fellow

D.B. Cox

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