Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Terrible Hallowe'en Scare

(This one's for Meghan the Bear.)

I had a scare on Hallowe’en
That I will not forget
It made my hair stand up on end
And I am shaking yet

The doorbell rang, I answered it
At gosh, there was a bear!
It scared me so I ran back in
And hid behind a chair

I sat behind that good ol’ chair
And shook real bad with fright
So then I peeked out from behind
And said, “Please bear, don’t bite!”

So then the bear let out a laugh
It laughed and laughed with glee
It sure did tickle that brown bear
To think how it scared me

So I gave it some Cracker Jacks
And then I went and got
My camera out and focused it
And took this bear snap shot

D.B. Cox

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