Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We hope you have a lot of fun in Nineteen Hundred Eighty-One

T’was the day after Christmas
And all through the pad
Not a knothead was sober
Not even Grand-dad

We all were hung over
T’was really quite clear
From too much of the liquid
They call Christmas cheer

There were paper and boxes
And packing galore
And ribbon and scotch tap
All over the floor

It sure was a big evening
A humdinger I guess
But now it’s over
This place is a mess

Grand-dad started singing
Home on the Range
Then Dorrene looked up
And said, “Grand-dad you’re strange”

Now the old year is ended
So we’ll lay off the mix
And try to teach these
Old dogs some new tricks

Here’s a new resolution
To keep our heads clear
We’ll lay off that vodka
And stick with root beer


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