Tuesday, December 21, 2010

D.B. at the Console of the Lowery Genie - His next appearance will be at Carnegie Hall

I gave Lyola a Lowery Organ
On her birthday, July five
So then I thought I’d try it out
On songs of girls that were alive

I first warmed up on Memories
Then I murdered “Mary Lou”
Next I messed up poor “Margie”
And then it was Sioux City “Sue”

I sure did tear up Ramblin’ “Rose”
And pounded “Lucille” down
Then wandered up the hill with “Maggie”
And “Alice” in her sweet Blue Gown

Next on tap it was “Louise”
Then I hammered “Baby Face”
And next she looked like “Helen” Brown
I finished with Amazing “Grace”

I finally gave up with the playing
And not a bit too soon
T’will take Lyola quite a while
To get the organ back in tune


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