Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Brain Storm from Cody Wyo.

This Cold and snow’s got me uptight
I think I’ll go down to Quartzsite
If you are tired of cold and snow
Let’s get together and all go

At the Country Club, if Cliff will pay
We’ll play golf with him every day
Then we’ll eat at their cozy nook
‘Cause Erma is a Super cook

If they get tired of us you know
Let them come back to the cold and snow
Then we won’t come home very soon
We may stay there till May or June

I have an overwhelming hunch
They like to have the whole darn bunch
So we don’t want to make them sad
Let’s all go down and make them glad

We’ll fly - we sure won’t drive that far
I’m sure they’d let us use their car
The weather here is sure a fright
So let’s all go down to Quartzsite


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