Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 31, 1983 - Hallowe'en memories of the good old days

A few of us young whipper-snappers
One year on Hallowe’en
Said let’s go do some dirty tricks
Just be sure we aren’t seen

We roamed around the country side
And found this old guy’s shack
We saw what we were looking for
‘Twas a little house in the back

We thought it would be lots of fun
To turn it on its side
We knew that we could do it
If all of us goons tried

We didn’t know he was inside
Doing what he later said
Was finishing up his evening chores
Before he went to bed

Then when we push it over
He gave an awful yell
We all took off across the field
We sure did run like h--l

When he finally crawled outside
He said “well bless my soul”
Then staggered all around the place
And fell into the hole

He got out, then went to the house
As fast as he could run
And on his way we heard him say
“I’m going to get my gun”

We kept on running and finally hid
Behind a big hay stack
I’ll never forget when we upset
That little house in the back


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