Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground Hog Day

Here is a compilation of some of Grandad's Ground Hog Day poems:

Here I am out here today
And if it’s true what people say
I’ll crawl back in my hole and stay
Till it warms up some time in May

D.B. Cox 

I hoped I’d come out here and say
This is a really cloudy day
So I could fill your hearts with cheer
To think that spring would soon be here

But it’s not cloudy here today
So here’s all I can think to say
I really hate to let you down
I am the saddest hog in town

I saw my shadow big and clear
Just like I did this time last year
I’ll crawl back in my hold and stay
And come back out the last of May

D.B. Cox

This is the first time I've been here
I saw my shadow loud and clear
So I’ll go back home very soon
And come back out in May or June

I really like to eat that feed
I eat all that I can
As you can see I've ate too much
Or laid too close to my Old Man

D.B. Cox 

I came out there again today
On February Two
I really thought perhaps this year
I’d find something brand new

But it is still the same old story
I saw my shadow hanging ‘round
And I also found there wasn't
Any snow upon the ground

There’s six more weeks of winter
I suppose that make you sore
So I’ll crawl back in my hole and stay
Till Nineteen-Hundred-Eighty-Four

D.B. Cox

Well here I am out here again
I come here every year
But I won’t stay here very long
It sure is nice and clear

And here on this sun-shinny morn
My lovely shadow lays
That means it’s going to get real bad
For lots and lots more days

So I’ll crawl back down in the ground
I’ll not be back too soon
If it gets bad again in May
I won’t be back till June

D.B. Cox 

Ground Hog Day will soon be here
It comes about this time each year

The ground hog crawls out of the ground
He blinks his eyes and looks around

And if his shadow he does see
He makes a frown and says, “Oh gee,”

“Spring won’t be here for many a day”
Then crawls back in his hole to stay

Until he thinks, “This is the day”
Sometime in April or maybe May

But is his shadow he can’t see
He funds and smiles and yells, “Whoopee!”

For his is happy and filled with cheer
He says that Spring will soon be here

We hope he’s right and knows his stuff
Of that cold weather we've had enough

But we’re not sure that we agree
So we’ll just have to wait and see

D.B. Cox

The ground hog come upon the scene
About this time each year
He’s very anxious to find out
If it is cloudy or if it’s clear

He pokes his head out of the ground
To see what he can see
His cheeks are pudgy, his eyes are squinty
They say he looks a lot like me

If it is really cloudy
He nearly strips a cog
He thinks that Spring will soon be here
He is a happy hog

But it it’s really nice and clear
He promptly turns around
Spring won’t be here for several weeks
So he crawls back in to the ground

D.B. Cox

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