Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Brain Storm

We sure get tired of CHARLIE HORSE
When he pays us a call
And if he hangs around too long
We can hardly walk at all

He sure fouls up our exercise
And here' all we can say
If it wouldn't be for old WILL POWER
We couldn't make it through the day

When we go to bed at night
Three of us hit the hay
Besides ourselves there's ARTHUR RITIS
and our good friend old BEN GAY

Our sinuses plug our noses up
So we can't sell the flowers
Those aches and pains are messin' up
Those good old days of ours

D.B. Cox

(Grandad wrote this poem for Senior Citizens. It can be sung to the tune of "Those Weddign Bells are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine.")

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