Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Early New Year's Poem

Nineteen Hundred Eighty-two
Was fading fast away
We thought we’d have a midnight party
To bring in New Year’s Day

Someone said, “Thing sure are tough”
And I said, “They’re all right”
Someone else said “You’re all nuts”
That sure did start a fight

Then there I was down on the floor
With the rest on top of me
And soon I had these two black eyes
So I could hardly see

Next thing, my nose got flattened out
And I could hardly hear
Because some great big bozo
Had stepped on my right ear

Bells started ringing, horns were blowing
To bring in New Year’s Day
So I crawled over to the door
And quietly sneaked away

I sure am glad to be at home
But I know I’ll have to pay
To get some beef steak for my eyes
So I’ll be good as new some day

Now I’m recuperating
As happy as can be
I wasn’t sure that I’d survive
Till Nineteen Hundred Eighty-three

We plan another party
Sometime this coming spring
If someone asks, “How’s the country doing?”
I ain’t gonna say a dad-burn thing!


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