Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(Another) School Daze

I didn’t do real well in school
I must have been some kind of fool
I made it through my just a crack
Went in the front door and out the back

In Math they asked “What’s X times Y?”
I didn’t know and wondered why
They’d ask a think like that of me
I even flunked what’s two times three

The Latin teacher said, “D.B.
Can you translate ‘puer’ for me?”
I said, “I think that must mean ‘glass’”
That sent me to the foot of the class

In History I didn’t do real good
The teacher said, “D.B., you should
Describe Columbus, if you can”
I didn’t even know the man

So here I am, still wondering why
They wanted to know “What’s X times Y?”


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